the internet s premier driver updating - Online dating taking down profile

Both of their profiles were still active on the online dating site they met on.

She currently hosts the Dating and Relationship Radio Talk Show Sunday nights at 9pm on AM640.

She is also the host of the TV Talk Show "Single in the City" on the Rogers Network.

The best thing to do if you’re questioning the status of your relationship and why his online dating profile is still active is to communicate with him!

Laura’s expert knowledge of dating etiquette, relationships, and human behaviour form the base of her experience.

When you're in the initial courting phase of a relationship, why should either of you stop dating online?

Nor should you take it as a sign that he's just not that into you.

She has hosted over twelve hundred speed dating/mixer events, coached hundreds of men and women into dating gurus, and she has proudly played matchmaker for countless love-seeking singles.

In 2009, Laura was the co-host of Rogers Television show “Dating 201”.

If his profile is still active, he may think things are just casual between you two. It’s the idea that the “grass is always greener,” a mindset that often yields unsatisfactory dating lives. Number 3 applies to those that have established a relationship after a few dates and have had a discussion regarding monogamy. In a perfect world, you would meet and both of you would immediately delete your profiles. In this circumstance, the relationship is not serious enough to delete the account yet, but if things are moving ahead and he still has an active online dating profile, there’s a problem. At that point, you two can discuss deleting your online dating profiles.

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