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Like Trevor and Franklin, Michael had a tough upbringing due to his father being an alcoholic and physically abusing him.

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Niko: Is that why you borrow money that you can't pay back? How the fuck do you know who I pay and don't pay back?

If there's one thing that I hate more than fat people and cripples, it is poor guys.

" During an "In the Year 2000" sketch, O'Brien, Andy/Guest, as well as band member Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg, each wears a black robe, futuristic-looking collar and hold a lit flashlight to their face.

Between La Bamba's high falsetto wails of "In the year 2000...", O'Brien and Andy/Guest alternate delivering jokes, often based on current events, in the form of humorous predictions of what will happen in the year 2000.

But the guy knows me, and I don't think anyone would date that fat Slav.

I am a "vulnerable guy who needs to be held by big strong arms"?

And it seems as though they may have found some interesting answers.

unquestionable that men and women with certain negative traits personality traits seem to be more popular.

We all remember the Queen Bee at the top of the high-school pecking order; the most popular girl in school, enforcing her will through manipulation and cruelty. Well, it turns out that three personality traits known as the “dark triad” are actually associated with being able to enhance a person’s physical attractiveness.

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